Sunday, March 3, 2024
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Mahatma Gandhi University envisaged the prospects of an Inter University Centre for Biomedical Research and Super Speciality Hospital (IUCBR & SSH) as an institution of importance and relevance to Kerala State with the sole objective to develop high-end teaching and training in post graduate, post-doctoral, post-super-speciality medical education in identified branches of healthcare sector, specifically pertinent to Kerala. The University has identified its campus at Thalappady, Kottayam as the ideal location for IUCBR & SSH, where the first phase of the construction is completed for the Biomedical Research and Teaching, and the second phase is underway, where a fifty-bed hospital facility is to be housed. A Community Health Centre having an outpatient department with basic facilities is operative from 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM every day, except on Sundays and National Holidays. The IUCBR & SSH have created basic-applied biomedical research laboratories in following areas that are established and functional. The Centre for Communicable Diseases Control and Prevention (CCDCP) that deals with virus research and molecular diagnostics; Centre for Development and Ageing (CDAR), which specializes in basic-translational research on childhood developmental neurological disabilities and geriatric neurodegenerative diseases; Centre for Drug Discovery (CDD) that concentrates on linking traditional medicines with modern medical application and investigating novel drug delivery avenues; and a Centre for Experimental Neuro-behavioural Research (CENR), which conducts training, teaching and in-campus investigation on preclinical pharmacological research.